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Top 5 Flooring Trends of 2016

Are you a homeowner who is searching for a way to improve the style of your home in the New York City? Changing your flooring is the best way of doing so. If you are planning for carpet and flooring installation in New York City, you should check out the 2016’ top flooring trends that can make your floor just beautiful.3d-art-floor-decor-ideas-image-courtesy-lushome

  1. Wide wood flooring: If you are in love with some particular room in your home and wants it to look large and spacious. Wider hardwood flooring planks are one way to do so. This type of flooring gives the room a stylish and modern look as well. If you want a contemporary look with woods, stick with planks that are between three and six inches. Planks wider than six inches tend to look more rustic visually.
  2. Hardwood is for the kitchen: Earlier hardwood flooring restricts to only bed, living and study rooms, but now it’s moving to the kitchen also. You might not have seen wood flooring in any kitchen, but this year kitchen wood flooring is on trend. Wood creates a feeling of warmth while making the room look larger. As compared to tile, the hardwood flooring is easy to clean as well.
  3. Dark colors are just awesome: No matter what the room is, dark colors are trending everywhere these days. Dark hardwood provides your home with an ultra modern look without compromising warmth. The dark colors flooring also gives your room a modern and rich look. As compared to light colored furnishing, the look is visually more attractive. It’s the number one color category of hardwood flooring trending these days.
  4. Light colors are not dead yet: Blonde or natural hardwood colors are the second popular category of flooring for today’s home. There are several reasons for this popularity: in spite of waxing and waning of the colors and shades. This is due, in part, to the versatility of the light colors. You can mix it with other colors and both light and dark color furnishing can be tastefully used to complement the room.
  5. Satin and matte finishes are gaining appeal: As granite is extremely popular in bathroom and kitchen flooring, satin and matte finishes in other rooms of the home is just top notch. It provides continuity and smooth flow throughout. Semi-gloss and other shiny finishes are on the downward trend for 2016.

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