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4 Easy Tips for Removing Pet Stains and Smell from Carpet

We love our pets but they never hesitate to create a mess in the house especially on the beautiful and expensive carpet. Neither you nor your guests will appreciate the pee smell coming from the carpet floor. Puppies are difficult to train. However, sometimes adult dogs also make a fair share in making the carpet smell bad. If your dog urinates frequently, you have to consider dog training. Just like other messes, you have to clean this also. However, be careful while treating the carpet for pet urine smell. If you are unable to remove the smell completely, the dog will again pee on the same spot as it can smell it. Here are some tips and methods that will definitely work for you.carpet-cleaning

Use Absorbent Rag

When the dog is caught red handed and the urine is fresh, blot up using an absorbent rag or a paper towel. You can even stand on the rag to make sure that it soaks up as much as it can. Remove it when it is almost dry. If it is a solid mess, wear gloves and use a scrapper for scrapping up as much as possible and flush it down the toilet. Now use a cloth or damp paper towel to wipe off the excess. Don’t wipe off from the inside out as it will spread the stain. Work from outside and go inwards.

Don’t Rub

This is what we all do. We know that it will spread the stain but still, we do. However, apart from spreading stain, it can also alter the texture of the carpet. Instead of rubbing, grab an absorbent cloth and blot. However, if rubbing is necessarily required, do not rub outwards. Rub inwards and be gentle while rubbing.

Minimize the Use of Cleaning Product

Using cleaning products in excess is not good for the carpet. Use the cleaning product in little amount and repeat the cleaning process several times. If you are overloading the site with a cleaning product, it will leave too much residue on the carpet floor. And, if the chemical constituents of the cleaning product are too strong, it can also cause the discoloration. Therefore, do not use a strong cleaning agent.

Avoid Heat and Give It a Good Rinse

If you think that hot water can serve the purpose of a stain remover then you are wrong. Hot water and steam cleaners can set the stain for good. Therefore, use cold water. Remember the job is not completed even when the stain is removed. Rinsing with water is a step that is important but often ignored.

When you look for new carpet and flooring installation in NYC, you can find some suppliers providing stain resistant carpets. Stains on these carpets are pretty easy to clean.


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