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Are Carpets Really Bad For People With Asthma Or Allergies?


Health is the very first priority. That is why people are having water purifiers and air purifiers in their homes and offices. Parents keep eyes on what their kids are eating at home and even at school. Allergic diseases are pretty common. Therefore, there is a segment that thinks several times before installing carpet flooring due to allergies. A carpet feels great and comfortable under our feet. It is easy to install and available in a wide range of colors, designs and patterns. However, the problem of allergies is making carpet installation a debatable topic. Is it really bad for your allergies?


How It Got the Bad Reputation 

Many times it is said that people with allergies and asthma should avoid carpets. Pollen, dust, pet dander and other elements trapped in carpet fabric can trigger wheezing, coughing, stuffy nose, rashes and other symptoms of allergies. Apart from these, the mold is also responsible for these symptoms of allergy. If you are living in a cold region or you have installed the carpet floor in a damp place, fungus growth is expected. Undetected leaks and spills are also responsible for fungus growth. Some people also have mold allergies. Therefore, is it good or bad to go for carpet and flooring supply in New York City?

Let’s Clear the Air

Factually, all these elements getting trapped in the carpet fabric is good for you. This is what the Carpet and Rug Institute says. The carpet is actually removing these elements from the air. It stops allergens from circulating in your breathing zone. Once all these allergens are fenced in the carpet, you can remove these harmful elements by cleaning the carpet. Here is how you can keep the carpet free from allergens:

Limit the Dirt

Always keep the outside dirt out of the house. Make sure that yours and your visitor’s shoes are clean. You can keep mats at entrances of all doors and request them to wipe their feet.

Deep Cleaning

You can treat the carpet with hot water for removing dirt embedded deeply in the carpet. This should be done by professionals once a year.

Vacuum Regularly

When pets are roaming in your home and the carpet is subjected to high traffic, you should vacuum the carpet once a day.

Now, Is It OK To Opt For Carpet and Flooring Supply in New York City?

It is yes for those who clean the carpet on regular basis. However, lazy people should not go for Carpet Flooring Supply in New York City.


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