Carpet Stairs

Choosing the right Carpet Runner for Your Staircase

Although there are many designs and patterns available in the market when it comes to choose the ideal carpet staircase runner and you can decide on one from the leading carpet store in New York City, but there are certain things that play a fundamental role in choosing the best carpet runner for stairs. Selecting the right carpet runner for your staircase makes the house look more beautiful and is important from safety point of view.


We need to choose the staircase runners carefully without compromising with the quality. There are aspects like quality, color, durability and texture that you should consider before installing one at your home.

Now, the question is how to select the right carpet runner from a plenty of staircase runners in the market.

Quality: Quality is the foremost thing that should be taken care of before opting for a staircase runner. We should not go by the myth that thicker carpets are more durable than thinner ones. As per experts, thin carpets are the best to install as staircase runners. Thin carpets can take on high foot traffic and that is why most of the hospitals, corporate and offices use the thinner staircase runners. On the other hand, dense carpets are padded that makes them difficult to install and can be a risk sometimes. Because of its cushioned quality, dense carpets leave little foot space which is a major and common reason for slips.

Color: You should look for light colors like beige or cream for stairs that don’t have much foot traffic, whereas you can also choose from bright colors if you think that the staircase receives a good amount of foot traffic.

Texture: The texture of the staircase carpet runner does make a difference in choosing the staircase runner; mostly if it is a staircase that receives most traffic in the house or in a commercial building. Selecting a nice texture helps in hiding the stains and dirt.

Durability: For the most used or the high traffic area in the house, the staircase runner carpets should be durable so that they don’t easily encounter the wear and tear situation. It must withstand the traffic on it.

Installation: Staircase installation is a very important factor. Even if you have got the best carpet with superior quality, highly durable and amazing texture; wrong staircase installation can be hazardous. Therefore, it is advised that after choosing the right carpet for your staircase, opt for the best carpet installer company that certifies in the carpet installation as you should not compromise on safety.

So, if you are planning a renovation for your home and stairs look for the best carpet in New York City and do remember these points before choosing the right carpet runner for your staircase.


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