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Inexperienced Contractors Make These Mistakes While Installing Hardwood Floor

There are only a few other materials that can be more workable than wood. Apart from this, durability, elegance and other features of the wood makes it ideal for making furniture, doors, floors etc. You can find many carpet & flooring distributors in New York City providing wooden floor installation services. When installed rightly by experts, the wooden floor can increase the value and beauty of the property. However, when not installed properly, you have to incur frequent maintenance costs. Therefore, following mistakes should be avoided while installing a wooden floor.

Not Hiring Experienced Carpet & Flooring Distributor in New York City


Installing floor is not one of the things you can do on your own. Therefore, you should hire professional and experienced wooden floor installation services. If you are hiring inexperienced, the looks and the durability of the wooden floor will be below par. This will be the only mistake made by the customer. Rest of the mistakes will be made by the inexperienced contractor.

Installing Over Under Floor Heating System

Wood is likely to wrap, bend, split, twist and shrink when installed over under floor heating system. This is the reason it should be avoided. However, when installing wooden floor is the only option available to you, get professional assistance from experienced contractors.

Installing the Wooden Floor on Concrete Which Is Not Dry       

There is a maximum limit of humidity of the sub-floor for installing a hardwood floor. The humidity level should not exceed 6%. Inexperienced contractors usually visually inspect the newly-laid concrete floor. The concrete subfloor appears to be dry but actually, it is not. The moisture of the subfloor absorbed by the wood leads to cupping, bends and warps. The wooden floor is also likely to expand when the concrete subfloor is not properly dried.

Installing In Areas with Consistent High Level of Humidity  

Basements and areas next to the shower constantly have a high level of humidity. Wood expands and wraps in the presence of humidity. This not only lessens the looks and feel of the wooden floor but also reduces its lifespan. Experienced carpet and flooring contractors always test the level of humidity before installing hardwood floor. However, inexperienced contractors do not have special equipment to test the humidity level.

Not Leaving Enough Space between the Walls and Plank Edges    

Wood is sensitive to varying humidity and temperature. Some space should be left between planks as the wood is likely to contract or expand due to temperature and humidity. The recommended gap is 1-2 cm.

Not Gluing the Floor

Glue should be used when you are installing the floor in rooms with floor area more than 25 sq. m. This provides durability and stability to the floor.

When you need to install a hardwood floor in your home or office, you should avoid the first mistake only. Always rely on experienced carpet and flooring distributor in New York City.


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