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Broadloom or Carpet Tiles- What is Perfect for Office Floor

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When it comes to workplace, carpet is an important factor to consider for the office beauty and safety of employees. High-quality carpeting not only promotes the safe and healthy environment but also enhances the overall look of the office space.

If you are looking for carpet and flooring installation New York City, it is important to choose the right carpet type to enhance the beauty and feel of your office space. In this blog post, we will talk about the two most popular carpeting options for workplace design.

  1. Broadloom carpet

These carpets are woven on a very wide loom and are perfect for large space areas. Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, broadloom carpets are still the most commonly used for wall-to-wall carpeting. Since it can also be woven, these carpets are great for commercial offices and hospitality projects.

  1. Carpet tiles

It is also known as carpet square or modular carpet. These carpets are square shaped and come in different sizes. The demand of carpet tiles is very high in high traffic commercial buildings since it provides endless maintenance options and designs.

Following are the important tips for choosing a carpet for your office space

Design, installation, and functionality

From expressive contemporary designs to rich traditional colors, there are a number of broadloom carpet styles to choose from. With the help of these carpets, you can show creativity with your office. On the other hand, multiple designs, colors, and patterns options in carpet tiles provide style, fun, and unique space. Whether it’s a general office area or conference and pantry room, each tile can be specially designed to suit the particular fit out.

No matter what type of carpet you are installing, the quality of installation is supreme. It is better to hire some professional installers who have good knowledge about the product and its installation. As broadloom carpet is typically installed over a carpet pad, you don’t need to waste more time. While carpet tiles are accumulated directly to the subfloor, so any imperfections must be corrected prior to installation. These tiles can be installed for all types of office environments and conditions.

Both carpets provide a warmer and more insulated floor compared to hard surface materials. Broadloom carpets are long lasting and suit large meeting or function room. Carpet tiles are highly functional when carpets are being replaced in occupied offices. It is easy to replace carpet tiles in hard wearing areas without pulling up the whole room or office.

Maintenance and environmental factors

It is easy to remove carpet tiles when they are damaged or stained. Even if your office floor requires carpet refurbishment, carpet tiles can be easily replaced with new tiles. So these tiles are easy to maintain as compare to broadloom carpets. Broadloom carpets can also be easily replaced and are perfect for antistatic areas such as equipment and print rooms.

Environmental factors also affect both types of carpet flooring. Since there is no underlying material to cut in carpet tiles, installation of this carpet produces less waste. Opposite to it, broadloom carpet produces a lot of waste as the extra carpets cannot be used for other areas in the office space. As carpet tiles come in boxes and on a pallet, it is easy to transfer them from  one place to other within the office. Moreover, these tiles are easy to ship, replace and take up. On the other hand, the shipment of broadloom carpet can be a challenging task because of its heavy size and odd-sized rolls and pieces.


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