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Top Advantages Of Bamboo Flooring That Will Make Your House Amazing

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From the past few years, the popularity of bamboo floor has been increasing day by day. Bamboo is made from natural vegetation and has many properties of hardwood flooring. Bamboo flooring has a stylish, attractive look, but inexpensive as compared to other type of flooring. That is the reason many people prefer to install these highly appealing floorings in their houses and commercial spaces.

Bamboo is extremely durable, eco-friendly and stylish flooring option that add the warmth, personality, and beauty of a natural product. If you are also planning for carpet and flooring installation in New York City, you should consider bamboo for your flooring needs; here are the top reasons you should choose bamboo flooring:

Sustainable and eco-friendly floor covering

The first and foremost benefit of bamboo flooring is its environment friendly nature. Opposite to other hardwood flooring, bamboo is a natural surface covering material that continues to grow from the root and reaches maturity within around five years. Besides that, it is a renewable rapid growing grass and does not need to replant. These are some reasons bamboo is more sustainable than traditional hardwood.

Easy to install and maintain

These days most of the bamboo flooring comes with a click fitting system which makes it easier to install than ever. It can also be installed simply by either loose laying it over an underlay or by fixing it into position.

Another strong benefit of bamboo flooring is that it is extremely easy to maintain and look after. Just use vacuum or broom on the floor surface and it is all clear. Similarly, you can use a mop or an-alkaline free solution or any hardwood flooring cleaner to remove the small particle debris. It can also be easily cleaned with mild soap and mop.

Style and variety

Bamboo is widely available, thanks to its increased popularity. The best thing about bamboo flooring is that you can customize it as per your needs. It is available in variety of colors and designs. Besides having a durable, eco-friendly and strong flooring option, bamboo flooring also offer style, uniqueness and personality. These trendy and stylish flooring options are elegant and just perfect to convert your mind-numbing space into a mind blowing one.

Strong, durable and water-resistant

Bamboo flooring is extremely strong and incredibly durable. Whether it’s your drawing room or bathroom, you can install these flooring in any area of your home. You don’t need to worry about spilled drinks and foot traffics. In fact, bamboo flooring is so durable and strong that it comes with a twenty-five years guarantee.


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