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Top 10 Interesting Facts about Carpet You Didn’t Know

Luxury and designer carpet in New York City

Whether it’s your home or office, carpet is a perfect choice because they keep your place clean and dirt free. You never have to worry about sweeping again and slip accidents when you are in a hurry. They help to get your feet warm and acts as a cushion to reduce the effect. Having carpet at your place has lots of benefits. Luxury and designer carpet in New York City creates a stunning image you want in your home or office. Moreover, with the hundreds of designs and colors, there are a number of possibilities to fulfill the style statement.

Gone are the days when the carpet was considered as a luxury item, now it’s a common and popular choice for your flooring. Here are top 10 facts about carpet you never knew.

  • According to the carpet and rug institute, carpet is one of the lowest emitters of volatile organic compound.
  • The world’s oldest surviving carpet is “The famed Pazyryk”. It is over 2000 years old and was found by Archaeologists in 1949. It is survived because it lay frozen under the ice of Siberian Mountains.
  • Most expensive carpet ever sold at auction is an antique silk Isfahan rug from central Persia. It sold for $4,450,000 in 2008.
  • To make carpet brighter, shower salt into the carpet and leave for an hour before vacuuming it up. Similarly, you can sprinkle salt into the carpet if you want to remove muddy footprints from the carpet.
  • A carpet should be professionally cleaned after every 12 to 18 months.
  • The term carpet derives from the Latin word “carpere” which means “to pluck” or “pull to pieces”.
  • If you properly clean and maintain your carpets, it can improve the quality of air through trapping allergy- remove allergens and dust. The biggest reason of intensifying allergens is not cleaning your carpets correctly.
  • The longest red carpet in the world measured 5.35km (3.32 miles) was made by Gera Arcaden and Michael Bilinger from Germany. The record was attempted on 3 November 2014.
  • “Magic Carpet Ride” was a chart buster song and appeared at number three on the US charts in 1960. It was one of the popular songs of that time sung by Steppenwolf.
  • If you think “rug” is the synonym of “carpet” then you are wrong. The difference between both of them is the sheer size. Generally, a carpet is larger than 40 square feet.
  • Carpet will keep you warm. It keeps your room warmer during the winter season than other types of flooring. You can save some money on heating.

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