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The New York Carpet Merchants’ Guide to the Right Carpet

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The New York City is known for its exotic taste for luxury. May it be luxury hotels, luxury condos or plush carpets carved out of luxurious wool; New York has redefined how you should realize your fine living dreams.

Talking of carpets, here we have an assorted guide on choosing the right feast for your feet when you step out of the office leather and treat yourself with a well-deserved comfort.

The best part is that you need not belong to New York or be chums with a coveted Carpet & Flooring Distributor in New York City to follow this guide. It is for everyone who wants a value for money carpet.

The Ground Rules

Affordable seems strong, expensive lasts long.

The phrase suggests the prime rule for buying carpets. There are all kinds of materials available in the market but if you want luxury to be the selling point of your home flooring, then you must go in for a woolen carpet with a dense pad. Nothing comes close to wool in terms of its fabric quality and soft feel. Its aesthetics are also unmatched as compared to Nylon or Triexta which are cheaper alternatives to wool.

Near may not be dear

Not always would a store in the close vicinity of your residence be the best option to choose from. You would have to do better than that and go rummage through reviewing boards and user comments on seemingly big brand names. You will get the best guidance online, always.

Fabric and Texture

Choice of fabric makes or breaks everything. To sum it up, synthetic fibres will give you durability, natural ones will give you class. But you needn’t compromise on quality anyway. Carpet & Flooring Distributors in New York City advise having different fabrics for different areas. Bedroom grace can be uplifted by wool and living room efficacy can be met by Nylon.

After Fabric comes the texture or the cut. The most common is the Saxony texture which is characterised by two sets of fabric piles that render it light-varying pattern. This is best for almost all kinds of seating parlours.

Then we have Frieze texture that features twisted yarns set in a chaotic pattern. The texture is very soft to feel and often elevates the overall costs of installation. We recommend it for Bedrooms.

Everyone’s favourite, Plush must not be left behind, offering a cushion-like feel to the carpet, making it a perfect candidate for office and children rooms.

Installation Pre-cap

Installation will incur a good lot of time, energy and money. Hence, you must be prepared for the costs at least. New York City averages around $1,600 for the complete package. Your location could be very different but a luxury Carpet & Flooring Distributor in New York City may charge up to $100 per square foot.

Service charges and dealing with hassles of installation should be considered separately.


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