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Tips and tricks for Carpet Upkeep

Carpet & Flooring Distributor in New York City

Carpets are an integral part of your home’s luxury. They provide you with a comfortable surface to walk on and also enhance the visual beauty of your floors, which makes it quite important to keep them maintained over time. Most of the modern carpets and floorings are easy to clean, but sometimes, extra care in terms of stains and odours is required. We have some tips on how to do this by yourself and a guide to the best carpet flooring products New York City carpet dealers use.

These would give you a nice idea as to what the industry leaders do to get their carpets cleaned. Similar practices can save you time as well as money. Let’s see some useful pointers.

Using Carpet Powder

Carpet Powder is an easy fix for unclean carpets. It can get rid of persistent stains and odours with just one use. All you need is to sprinkle the carpet powder evenly all over the carpet surface and then leave it overnight. Next morning, vacuum clean your carpet to remove the powder and all the carpet filth will be carried along with the powder. Simple and quick!

Using Carpet Shampoo

The Shampoo is to be used for tougher stains and odours. The cleaning method involves mixing the shampoo with water and spreading it all over the carpet. Next, you can use a cleaning brush with hard bristles to scrape off the dirt that is not ready to leave the fabric. Once this is done, you can leave the carpet for drying and later vacuum clean it for a fine finish.

Using Soda Water and Salt

This is one of the old house remedies that work as good as the best carpet flooring products New York City has. You can use soda or tonic water found in kitchen supplies to rinse wash the carpet with them. In addition, salt acts as a great bleaching agent and helps you remove muck collected over several years in one go. It will also get rid of nasty smells for you.

Using Professional Carpet Cleaners

When all the pre-mentioned methods have failed, it’s time to switch to more heavy duty products. National Chemical Laboratories Inc has developed some best products that use Encapsulation Technology to remove persistent stains. The cleaning concentrate forms a layer of encapsulation around the dirt collected in the carpet and gradually separates itself from the carpet fabric. This separated compound dries out in some time and forms a powdery substance over the carpet surface which can easily be sucked in with the help of a vacuum cleaner, leaving behind an absolute delight for the eyes.

These were some of the best carpet flooring products New York City merchants employ to get their work done and we are sure they will help you in a similar fashion!


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